Update On Various Things

I’ve been so happy since I found a way to buy the house I am living in.  It turns out, I was able to locate a new federal loan program that allows people to count savings, and stipend income, towards buying a house, and since I am disabled, I only had to put down a 3% down payment, and my loan is even secured.  The basis for the program is that more and more these days, people have non-traditional sources of income, and that this was preventing people who could afford homes from buying them.

My down payment was covered by a generous ten thousand dollar donation that someone put up after a bunch of idiots broke into my other house.

I started a new business, one that has nothing to do with film or activism.  I’m making plans to travel the country for the next year promoting it, and building it.  I’m really excited because owning this type of business has been a dream —  for many years now — that has finally come true.

I hired a few people to start working for me, to help me finish the film I am working, to help me run the new business, and to help me around the house.  When one factors in this EPA OIG investigation, you could say that things have never been better.

Super stoked.

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