Technologically Beating A Troll

My new web scraper software, which is used to beat a technologically active group of trolls trying to wage a psychological warfare campaign on me, is working just great.  Now, I don’t have to deal with their bullshit, at all.

In addition to that piece of software, we’re building two others.  Both of which are counter cyber psychological warfare tools.

The first one is a tool that deals with the tag situation, that overloads their SEO campaign

The second is an additional tool I am developing to hit them back in the most hilarious way possible that I am not going to talk about until we complete it and start running it.

There is also a third idea proposed that is not software based which we are working on.

I’ll be starting a new website that deals with the concept of psychological warfare using the internet, and using the various tactics I have documented from the internet vigilante group that is pursuing me, to show people how to quickly and easily fight back.

My advantage in all of this is that I am far more technologically advanced than they are, with more resources, with a more creative team, and for years they have been repeatedly caught off guard and forced to adapt, but we’re getting to the point where there is not really much else they can do.

They can’t bully me 24 hours a day like they were.  Nothing they print even comes close to the legitimacy of my new websites, and it’s so vitriolic, abusive, and ridiculous that no one but a moron or schizophrenic could take it seriously, and it’s actually helping me in many areas, because it seems they are bound and determined to be the nut job truther counter point to my very prescient and easily viewable actual reality.

All we are watching right now is their walls crumble, their system crash, and they cling for dear life, hurling their last bits of abuse as they slowly go under.

And just like history has repeatedly proven.  No matter what happens, they always lose, because that is what losers do, though after the second idea goes into effect, I’m going to bet they’ll stop doing what they are doing, because the idea is so twisted and out of the box that when they get slammed with it, their heads will be left spinning.

I can’t wait and the best part is they’ll keep going and I will keep developing software that fully eradicates their kind from reality.


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