Region 5 EPA Opens Up Investigation Into Series Of Events Surrounding Poison In The Grapes

I received contact last night from the US EPA Inspector General’s Office.  They have opened up a formal investigation into the actions of multiple region 5 EPA employees.  Since I was very careful to document and film everything that happened, my allegations are undeniable.  The Flint Water Crisis placed a spotlight onto the inaction from Region 5 and because of the incident in Michigan, the US EPA is watch dogging Region 5 and holding them accountable for their failures.

But we then have a precarious situation, because if it turns out that I was always telling the truth about Region 5, then the allegations from numerous members of the community. from Peter John Ross, from Diane Dimond, Ernest Halcon, and a multitude of others have been completely false and the resulting ruling will be shine a spotlight on how many lives this group has affected with their madnesss and conspiracy theories.

Suddenly, the actions of the Beacon Journal, WEWS, and other peole will be placed into a whole new frame of reference and it will become clear that everyone that has attacked me, everyone who has tried to stomp me down, their actions served no purpose but to cause harm to the lives of millions of people around the US.

It took four years, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was an e-mail filled with lies sent to multiple Region 5 officials, by a John Johnson, who is obviously one of Peter John Ross’ multiple personalities.  The US EPA investgators took one look at the web of lies and abuse, and the group saying the EPA wouldn’t act, and then acted, so I have no one to thank but but a group of morons on the internet who just broke the Region 5 EPA issue wide open.

Justice is coming.

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