Update On Various Things

I’ve been so happy since I found a way to buy the house I am living in.  It turns out, I was able to locate a new federal loan program that allows people to count savings, and stipend income, towards buying a house, and since I am disabled, I only had to put down a 3% down payment, and my loan is even secured.  The basis for the program is that more and more these days, people have non-traditional sources of income, and that this was preventing people who could afford homes from buying them.

My down payment was covered by a generous ten thousand dollar donation that someone put up after a bunch of idiots broke into my other house.

I started a new business, one that has nothing to do with film or activism.  I’m making plans to travel the country for the next year promoting it, and building it.  I’m really excited because owning this type of business has been a dream —  for many years now — that has finally come true.

I hired a few people to start working for me, to help me finish the film I am working, to help me run the new business, and to help me around the house.  When one factors in this EPA OIG investigation, you could say that things have never been better.

Super stoked.

Technologically Beating A Troll

My new web scraper software, which is used to beat a technologically active group of trolls trying to wage a psychological warfare campaign on me, is working just great.  Now, I don’t have to deal with their bullshit, at all.

In addition to that piece of software, we’re building two others.  Both of which are counter cyber psychological warfare tools.

The first one is a tool that deals with the tag situation, that overloads their SEO campaign

The second is an additional tool I am developing to hit them back in the most hilarious way possible that I am not going to talk about until we complete it and start running it.

There is also a third idea proposed that is not software based which we are working on.

I’ll be starting a new website that deals with the concept of psychological warfare using the internet, and using the various tactics I have documented from the internet vigilante group that is pursuing me, to show people how to quickly and easily fight back.

My advantage in all of this is that I am far more technologically advanced than they are, with more resources, with a more creative team, and for years they have been repeatedly caught off guard and forced to adapt, but we’re getting to the point where there is not really much else they can do.

They can’t bully me 24 hours a day like they were.  Nothing they print even comes close to the legitimacy of my new websites, and it’s so vitriolic, abusive, and ridiculous that no one but a moron or schizophrenic could take it seriously, and it’s actually helping me in many areas, because it seems they are bound and determined to be the nut job truther counter point to my very prescient and easily viewable actual reality.

All we are watching right now is their walls crumble, their system crash, and they cling for dear life, hurling their last bits of abuse as they slowly go under.

And just like history has repeatedly proven.  No matter what happens, they always lose, because that is what losers do, though after the second idea goes into effect, I’m going to bet they’ll stop doing what they are doing, because the idea is so twisted and out of the box that when they get slammed with it, their heads will be left spinning.

I can’t wait and the best part is they’ll keep going and I will keep developing software that fully eradicates their kind from reality.


I’ve Got Many Secrets

The smug sense of self satisfaction warms over me because the plan I have been working on for two years is finally coming together.  I’d love to say a few things about what is in store for the world in the next year, but let’s just leave people on the edge of their seats, hanging off my every word,  clawing a me for the info they’ll never acquire until it’s far to late.  Nice work, Matt.

I’ll Betcha

I’ll betcha that those morons are still posting on the blogs that are being carefully added to our PDF cache as no one is reading them but a machine.  Do you see that?  They attack, I adapt, and since I adapted, they’ve found no way to attack me, because my software is doing all the work for me.

Work smarter, not harder.



Region 5 EPA Opens Up Investigation Into Series Of Events Surrounding Poison In The Grapes

I received contact last night from the US EPA Inspector General’s Office.  They have opened up a formal investigation into the actions of multiple region 5 EPA employees.  Since I was very careful to document and film everything that happened, my allegations are undeniable.  The Flint Water Crisis placed a spotlight onto the inaction from Region 5 and because of the incident in Michigan, the US EPA is watch dogging Region 5 and holding them accountable for their failures.

But we then have a precarious situation, because if it turns out that I was always telling the truth about Region 5, then the allegations from numerous members of the community. from Peter John Ross, from Diane Dimond, Ernest Halcon, and a multitude of others have been completely false and the resulting ruling will be shine a spotlight on how many lives this group has affected with their madnesss and conspiracy theories.

Suddenly, the actions of the Beacon Journal, WEWS, and other peole will be placed into a whole new frame of reference and it will become clear that everyone that has attacked me, everyone who has tried to stomp me down, their actions served no purpose but to cause harm to the lives of millions of people around the US.

It took four years, but the straw that broke the camel’s back was an e-mail filled with lies sent to multiple Region 5 officials, by a John Johnson, who is obviously one of Peter John Ross’ multiple personalities.  The US EPA investgators took one look at the web of lies and abuse, and the group saying the EPA wouldn’t act, and then acted, so I have no one to thank but but a group of morons on the internet who just broke the Region 5 EPA issue wide open.

Justice is coming.

MajorMalfunctionsoft.com WordPress PDF Scraper Beta Test

I’m the co-founder of a Silicon Valley start-up data mining think tank called Major Malfunctionsoft.

This is a beta test run for our coming WordPress.com PDF scraper that I conceived, visualized, and then Alex Hwang, an engineer for Facebook, coded for me.  Basically, I come with ideas for software, I present my concept to programmers, tell them what I want it to do, and then I work with them during the course of development to refine, streamline, and test the resulting data mining software.

This is a test run of the scraper which goes to a WordPress blog, downloads a list of links, and then downloads the entire blog, sequentially, in separate PDF files which can later be printed with the click of one button.  We have not implemented the GUI yet, so this is a raw version.  We should have the finished product some time next week.

Coming additions to the software: graphical user interface, auto-installer, python-installer, tray icon, print button, blog download counter, analytics

The Difference Between Reality And The Internet

I spent the day, today, helping a struggling family that is losing their home. I bought them a Uhaul, a storage space, and then took them and their children out to dinner.

On my way home I checked my comments on my website, and this is what they said, of course hiding their identity but leaving their Comcast IP address in Santa Clara.

Dear anonymous coward,

I apologize for not getting back to you sooner, but I do a lot of homelessness and street activism and I’ve been very busy. Lately, I have ramped up my efforts to help even more families than I was before because we live in rough times where it’s almost impossible for people to get ahead.

As a result of the gifts I have, I choose to be someone who contributes to helping build people up, rather than tear them down like you do.

As far as my rich friend figuring out I’m a loser, since he’s already had a TV show he knows what I know, that one can work in major cable network development for twenty years and never get a show aired, while making a sizable living. He also knows just from speaking with me and understanding the depth of my knowledge about development that I’m no fraud or joke.

While you trolls might have been able to fool Josh, because he’s an idiot like you the believes everything he reads on the internet, your tired rhetoric can’t fool real industry professionals.

As far as my album being delayed for a year and this movie I’m still making, be patient. Because of my success, I’m not on anyone’s schedule but my own and no troll is going to pressure me into releasing my projects before I feel they are ready.

But anyway, I have to get back to helping this family. In the morning I’m helping them pack up their house and we’re working on finding them a new place to live.

I might suggest that if you spent as much time focused on doing good in the world as you do spreading your infectious failure, that you also could help change the world, but you won’t, because you waste your life fixated on me, for a reason that on one anywhere who has a brain understands.

What I was actually doing tonight while you were sitting here tearing me down is enough evidence for the world to decide who is legit and who is the troll.

I’m Working On A New Cable Network TV Show

I’ve been wanting to make another TV show for the last year or so.  It’s been six years since my last solicited major cable network pitch.  My friend is a celebrity who travels the world.  About seven months ago I pitched him an idea for a reality show based on his prolific luxury based travels.  We did some research and found a few cable networks who are buying the type of content I’d proposed.  He took off, traveled the globe, and filmed all of the footage for the sizzle reel to accompany the pitch.  He got back into The States a few days ago and told me he’d captured an entire drive worth of film and is sending me the footage in a few days.  I’m hoping to begin editing by the beginning of next week.

With this project, this will be the fourth cable network project I’ve worked on in my film career.  One thing I can say is tat compared to my last go around, I am a significantly more seasoned and experienced filmmaker, with a much deeper understanding of the development process than I had six years ago.  This time, rather than creating a random shot in the dark, we’re creating the show based on the development curve of networks that are looking for luxury travel based content.  From the business meetings we had before he took off, we’ve got a pretty solid shot at nailing a show.

My expectations with this project are where they should be, though, because getting a show in LA is pretty difficult, what I would call a Hollywood scratch off lottery ticket.  If the show gets picked up, I will be taking time off from SuperfundResearch.org and other projects, in order to commit full time to making sure the project has my full attention.

As far as the directorial path I am taking, it’s going to be all about georgeous outdoor cinematography, something that will be meticulsouly and beautifully shot, Nat Geo style.  I can tell you flat out that if we get this show, I am really going to enjoy hopping around the globe making this happen.  However, because of scheduling, if we obtain a chunk of development money, shooting isn’t going to begin until some time in late November, as far as I know.

At this point, I provided directorial advice and sent him on his way, but from what I have seen, we’ve got some amazing locations, and footage from all over the globe.  I’m excited to see what I can make of it, and to once again be back in the reality TV director’s chair.  And if it doesn’t pan out, we end up with one hell of a sizzle reel, which both of can use to help build our careers.

More info coming soon…

Matthew Berdyck Filmography

This is a short list of films I have directed and edited.

2017: The Josh Steffen Show (Matthew Berdyck Interviews Josh Steffen)

I traveled to Peshtigo, Wisconsin to interview famous YouTube drummer Josh Steffen.  We talked about his origins, brushes with celebrity drummers, band offers from famous groups, and of course, Lars Ulrich from Metallica. 

2013: Philadelphia Experiment – Ra (Live)

Music video I made while on tour with Jordan Rudess from two time Grammy Nominated Dream Theater and Rod Morgenstein from Winger and Berklee College of Music.

2013: Poison in the Grapes

Short film about the Superfund toxic waste site in my childhood neighborhood and the corruption in the media and local government that left an entire community exposed to toxic waste.  The EPA officials I took on in this film were later forced to resign over the Flint Water Crisis. 

2013: Blame Reagan

I lived on the street for eighteen months of my life to make the first ever first person documentary in film history about homelessness. 

2011: Wayward Traveler 2 (Cartoon Network’s Adult Swim solicited TV pilot)

Travel based TV show which featured me dressed up like a Big Foot, hopping concert gates to get interviews with celebrities, starring Sergio Aragones (Mad Magazine)


I Bought Christmas Presents For Over A Hundred People Last Month

December was about charitable giving, for me.  First, I made a large donation to a local charity that was working to buy Christmas presents for cancer survivors in DC, which resulted in directly buying Christmas gifts for seventy-five people.  On top of this, for people I am directly connected to, I gave them two-hundred dollars towards their Christmas shopping.  I bought an exceptional amount of goods from friends that are local merchants, to give them a Christmas boost in sales. I bought steak dinners for local managers of various establishments, and left large tips for the local servers, amounting to several thousand dollars of giving.

I rarely talk about any of this stuff, as what I’ve printed is only the proverbial tip of the iceberg, when it comes to what I’ve actually done in this country, in the last year, which has amounted to  tens of thousands of dollars in gifts to other people and organizations.  Already a few sad examples of humanity accused me of “patting myself on the back,” even though 95% of my charitable giving is done in private, with no credit given.  I don’t know why people have such an adverse reaction to a person helping others, but it happens, and all I can say to those critics is, maybe you need to focus on yourself, rather than me, and direct your criticism there, instead.

All in all, I am completely satisfied with what I’ve done.  My actions over the last month have inspired me to do even more, to begin focusing everything I have on helping others.  I’ve had my fun in this country, I’ve lived a life filled with the kinds of luxuries that only rock stars could sympathize with, I’ve collected as much junk as I need for one life time, and find that I feel the most rewarded when I am helping others, rather than focusing on myself.

As a result, the world can judge me all it wants, people can lob their criticism, and all I can do is keep my head down and keep doing good deeds.  I’m no hero, either, nor am I a saint.  I’ve had plenty of times in my life, just like everyone else, where I have not been the best person I can be, but those past negativities do not preclude me from trying to be a good person, every day, trying to just be an example for people, trying to pay it forward for everything that has been done for me.

Next Christmas is going to be even better, because I am going to raise the bar to 25k in charitable giving.  We the people who are fighting to spread goodwill are going to give thousands of people Christmas presents.  Last year I had no warning before the cause was presented to me, so I was limited in what I could give, but this coming year is going to be amazing.  I can’t wait.


Album Update

I’m still hammering away at my album, but the process has gone well beyond what my original schedule was supposed to be.  Since I am playing drums on the entire thing, with a few guest appearances, the first major stumbling block I had was that I couldn’t play the drums.  Two hours of practice a night and six months later and I’m finally at the drumming level I need to be at, in order to finish the album.

Another long journey was the struggle to find the right guitar and guitar sound, which led me through numerous amps, pre-amps, and dozens of guitars, searching the exact sound I was looking for, which resulted in me amassing a pretty decent guitar collection!  I’ve settled on the Les Paul in the the middle for solo tracking, with Burstbuckers, plugged into DBX 676 channel strip, fed into a Mesa Boogie Triaxis, and then broadcast by an Orange cab, into an Audio Technica AT 40-50 condenser microphone.


For rhythm tracking I’m using the Explorer, that is split between a two sounds and two separate Marshall cabs, with one being a Plexi preset on Pod Pro X HD, and the other sound generated by various assortment of stomp boxes, but I have not found the perfect pedal, as of yet.  The result is one cab is miked with the AT 4–50 and the other with two SM57’s, with each signal being split, conversely, between the right and left channels in the recording software, giving me a massive rhythm sound, recorded in a cherry wood room.

On the song writing side, I have roughly seven songs plus a few interesting covers, all ready to be recorded, which in of itself has been long process, because I did demos of everything first, and must have recorded a hundred takes of drums while I was working on getting the perfect drum sound.  This means I am now at the point where I am pretty much ready to start recording, and who knows how long that is going to take!

It’s occurred to me that I am not on a timeline, and the longer I spend nit picking over the details, the better everything sounds, the more takes I record, the better the final recordings will be, which right now are already at LA quality, but for an example, I’ve already done over three hundred takes, nailing the drum track for the first song, which will be released soon along with a wicked accompanying music video.

As for the album, I’m going to keep chipping away until it’s perfect.


Public Message To Vigilante Group From Alex Hwang

As a requirement for a lawsuit that is being filed in The State of California, by Alex Hwang, against the bloggers that run Supertrollweb, and trollscreengrabs, and other related sites, Alex is required to inform you publicly that he is filing a lawsuit for your defamation of him, and his family.  As required, you will be notified publicly of the court date and you are free to appear to defend yourselves.  If the blog writer does not appear in court a default judgement will be issued for the plaintiff and all of your content on WordPress, Imgur, Blogger, and other associated sites will be permanently banned from the internet, across all services, via a court order issued in the State of California.

Thank you.